Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Post a Day July 2014 Number Twenty

Three Facebook pages on writing, a post a day on each for the month of July, combined and posted here as well.

Small Stone, July 2014, Twentieth

(Stop. Listen. What's that sound?)
(Seven Word Sunday)

Sacred Silence: electronics and television turned off.

July Writing Project - A Poem a Day - Day Twenty

Mother cat and kittens - two
Lying atop the porch rail
Grooming as cats are wont to do
Every time without fail
There are new kittens around
They gravitate to house from yard
Enticed by humans, held by sound

(this lazy and to the writer, peaceful, recounting 
of the joy of being owned by cats is 
by yet another "free kittens"
Internet plea
joy is now pierced by sadness
three sets of eyes
pleading from the pictures
rob the moment)

This poem shall not be finished

Twentieth Noticing, July 2014

(imperfect ten + seven word Sunday)

{10} connections in person occur better with eye contact by both
{7} people really appreciate being noticed, in general 

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