Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Poem of Friendship

A Poem of Friendship
Ellen Apple:
Years melt
Distances shrink
We giggle and snort
What must others think
You knew my heartache
I felt your pain
We always promised
I will see you again
Now we trade updates
On computer and phone
The methods don't matter
Your heart is my home
Sandi Corbett:
My heart is open
My tears roll free
We laugh
We grieve 
For all to see
Yet all are blind
Without eyes to see
Your heart is my home

Monday, April 13, 2015


we must quiet be 
not rustle the grass
the shy unicorn
is about to pass
the creek 'tis singing
and violets first bloom
all point to her visit
not later but soon
the mowing can wait
no motors will hum
dandelion and clover
the yard overrun
she comes in the night
by light of the moon
daintily nibbles
on natures best bloom
the wee folk whisper
when her visit is nigh
you can hear their song
in the warm breeze sigh
spirit will listen
and pure heart will hear
when nature awakens
the magic is near

~Ellen Apple 04-13-2015