Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Post a Day July 2014 Number Fifteen

Three Facebook pages on writing, a post a day on each for the month of July, combined and posted here as well

Small Stone, July 2014, Fifteenth

Stop. Listen. What's That Sound?

We have had storms, rolling and flashing and pushing through. The calico cat, resting (as is her habit) on my lap, snaps to attention. She hears the next wave of thunder before we do, and starts to growl, as if to say to the thunder, "Stay away! Enough already!" Then she darts off to hide, not being a fan of summer storms. I think the thunder hurts her ears. 

July Writing Project - A Poem a Day - Day Fifteen

Messages abound in life you know
Signposts along the way
Pointing out the direction one can go
When traveling - night or day

Each arrives in varied guise and hue
Be they Mineral - Animal – Vegetable
Though not lined up in visible queue
Be assured their guidance is tenable

Because life is not all neat and tidy
(Some have called it a real hot mess)
The cipher can call for one to be wily
Toiling hard yet with a finesse

Life is hard I have heard it said
Most often by the elderly
Yet living will trump being dead
(Life still contains lethargy)

Messages are at each twist and turn
But they are quite benign
Trick or truth we each must learn
It's part of the grand design

We cannot go back and choose another
Action or word or deed
The path we travel with sister and brother
Only one way does lead

The burden we carry accumulates then eases
Another of life's curiosities
Time marches on - neither pauses or freezes -
Not for joys or atrocities

Fifteenth Noticing, July 2014

Imperfect Ten

striving to be more in the moment is not easy

(This effort at daily noticings, practicing mindfulness, is a noble quest, and not without challenge. I am learning much about myself, and more about the people I cross paths with.)

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