Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Post a Day July 2014 Number Twenty-Two

Three Facebook pages on writing, a post a day on each for the month of July, combined and posted here as well. 

Small Stone, July 2014, Twenty-second

The Rose of Sharon bushes are in full bloom, the flowers spaced like musical notes on a score. I wonder if the early birdsong this morning was playing a newly penned symphony by Gaea?

July Writing Project - A Poem a Day - Day Twenty-two 

That which 
From other life - 
our words, our mind
Does not 
make us 
more than
better than
or less than...
different than.
I am reminded 
when a cat stares
a dog wriggles
and they 
(to me)
to be trying to 
understand - cooperate
whilst we

Twenty-second Noticing, July 2014 

There are days that, despite my best efforts, the less than savory side of my fellow-men seems to be permeating life at every turn.

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