Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Post a Day July 2014 Number Ten

Three Facebook pages on writing, a post a day on each for the month of July, combined and posted here as well.

Small Stone, July 2014, Tenth

Stop. Listen. What's that sound?

No droning and sputtering machines yet today. Too early this morning for the neighbor to be out and about. The ample rains we received yesterday stretched into the night hours. In the first soft light of the day, fog hangs low and heavy on the myriad shades of green that greet the day, The birds are calling in the sun as the calico cat stands watch from her window perch.

July Writing Project - A Poem a Day - Day Ten

Oh! To write in words sublime
of wonders yet unseen
Oh! To watch from hidden clime
the dance of Fairy Queen

Bluebells  play a lilting song
as spider spins her web
Croaking bullfrog sings along
and clover lies abed

Fireflies string a row of light
To  lead me down the path
Flanked by trees of towering height
I'm met with silvery laugh

How did this unseen land I find?
Twas just outside my door
Within the reach of all mankind
Not on some distant shore

You can travel there I'm sure
You've only to believe
And to feel the fairy's lure
Upon Midsummer's Eve

Tenth Noticing July 2014

imperfect ten X 3

Bat infestation closes local library
Not a common news story

(not in my small town, but in a town nearby)

I feel for the children who were there to experience

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