Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blessings This Day

Blessings this day I send to you
'Cross land and stormy sea
That for this moment at this hour
All your worries would cease to be

Wishes I make upon falling star
Floating across the Milky Way
For joy to be the song you hum
No matter the trials of the day

Prayers from my trembling soul rise up
(know your name is ever engraved there)
Angels whisper in sweetest tone
All our nights and days to share

~ Ellen Apple 03/17/2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some Poems

My moon, my lady, my mystical muse
Your fullness I celebrate each month
Drawing in your energy. basking in your light
Shy you are being for this Full Worm Moon
Coyly shielding yourself in vaporous mist
Clouds come down to the earth 
Lying heavy upon my mountain
I still celebrate you this stubborn March
Though hidden you may be from my eyes
My Spirit still sees you clear

~Ellen Apple 03/04/2015


I am looking for magic my muse
Amid the chaos and grief
After all the gritty real life news
My spirit has need of relief

Calm the turmoil that plagues my mind
And blessed quietude descend
Comfort enfold leave torment behind
Foul attitudes to beauty amend

A fearsome task not for the meek
To alter the course of the day
As respite and renewal I seek
I shall prevail come what may

~Ellen Apple 02/27/2015