Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Post a Day July 2014 Number Three

Three Facebook groups on writing, a post a day on each for the month of July, combined and posted here as well.

Small Stone, July 2014 Third 

Gift of berries awaits, I see a Gooseberry Pie in my near future.

July Writing Project - A Poem A Day - Day Three

I love to read
each word a seed
knowing each book
worthy of a look
adventures abound
with sight and sound
my soul will soar
in ancient lore
my senses tingle
mysteries mingle
laughter escapes
the colors! 
the shapes!
I love to read 
this is true
do you?

Third Noticing July 2014

The oak tree was massive, and had stood in the corner of the yard for as long as I can remember. A few years back, there was a storm, and wind damage revealed the damage previoulsy unseen. Now all that remains is a stump, but oh what a stump. Over four feet tall, with a wood shingled roof, there now sits by roadside a shelter for gnomes and faeries, complete with hollowed out interior and potted flowers by the entrance. It always makes me smile when I drive by. 

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