Tuesday, October 26, 2010

now unemployed

i had worked at an att call center as a customer service rep for the past 4+ years, and am officially unemployed as of today, and feel so relieved!

the amount of stress that is involved in the job is so hard to quantify to someone who has never been tethered to a telephone system that continually drops call after call to you, with no relief, for 7.5 hours every day

free at last

this is how i feel

free at last

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my first post

one thing that has really irritated me a great deal lately is the way that people are more materially focused -
i understand that commerce is important, but the intense consumerism and lack of balance in the society really concerns me-

so for balance
 one thing that is so very encouraging to me in recent days is the blooming of awareness and understanding i am seeing in some of the people in my circle, as well as in myself, of the interconnections of reality -

may paths
one reality
too many detours?
a detour is so often a revelation
it is all in how we react to the challenges that define us

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am definitely moving onward and upward with my life, and want to be able to connect better with my ever increasing family, there here and elsewhere.

You will see the esoteric and mundane, the prosaic and eclectic, recipes for things that will make your tummy happy, and recipes that are never meant to be actually consumed!

Come in, have a cup of good tea, maybe a slice of cake, and we will see what happens!