Saturday, October 22, 2016

31 days to a kinder me. Day 22.

One may wonder what this rather bold statement has to do with becoming a kinder me. Well.

If we become so obsessed and fixated on external influences that we cannot move comfortably in our own lives we have limited our ability to develop to our fullest potential. 

External influences can be vexing because they are just that - external. But as this meme says we do have options.

If we let circumstances and people define confine, outshine - we are ceding our control over the chance to be a positive and affirming influence in our world. 

Sometimes we do need to leave things behind. It may be painful, but when time and circumstance show us there is no other option it must be done. 

"IT" can be the very thing that is preventing us from being the person we most want to be. 

I want to be a kinder, nicer person, To others, to myself, as much as I can. But kindness and being nice is not weakness, nor is it submission. It is an active, deliberate choice. And sometimes that choice will be leaving things behind. 

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