Thursday, October 20, 2016

31 days to a kinder me. Day 20.

"What wisdom can you find that is greater than Kindness?" ~ Rousseau

We get so busy, so caught up in schedules and wants and perceived needs. And we get selfish. We grow mean spirited and greedy and become parsimonious. We forget how to be kind.

We forget how to be kind to ourselves, and especially others. Then we wonder why we aren't happier. It is because we have forgotten the wonderfully simple truth as brought to us by Rousseau. The greatest wisdom is kindness.

So let it all go, and see what (and who?) stays. See what is really important to you. I just suggested to a friend that they go outside in the quiet of the early morning and experience the wonder of the birth of a new day. Connect to the sacred as you know it, and put into action by word and deed the simple truth that the greatest wisdom is kindness, to ourselves and to others. If you continue to compete with yourself to have more and store up early treasures you in the end will neither the winner or loser be.

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