Wednesday, October 19, 2016

31 days to a kinder me. Day 19.

I chose the pictures/memes/illustrations for this 'project' before I even wrote Day 1. Totally at random, so as I upload each one I am surprised. A sort of lagniappe to me. A bit of a challenge as well, because my thoughts and circumstances may not be in a good place to delve into my psyche about a particular aspect of self-improvement on any given day.

This illustration for Day 19 is one of my favorites. The artwork is whimsical, and the truism hits home.

Make of yourself a light

Make of yourself a light, because only you know how deep and pervasive your darkness may be. 
Make of yourself a light, if you want others your true self to see.
Make of yourself a light, and take care in what you say.
Make of yourself a light, in all ways possible every day.

If you are in a dark room and light a small candle, like a tealight or a small 4 inch taper, the pool of light is brighter at the source and dissipates as it diffuses into the darkness. At the outermost edges, you may only be able to discern forms in the shadows but at least you know where objects are located and possible dangers lurk as you navigate the space. Now, if you place a second - third - fourth candle around the room you can illuminate the entire space.  If you group them all on the same surface, there is brighter light still at the center but perhaps the perimeter is still draped in shadows and unknowns. However, if you spread the candles out, the entire room benefits and the strength of the illumination from each adds weight and purpose to the others. 

So my goal is to be kind. To myself, for myself. To my kith and ken, grouped close about me in my little version of reality. To strangers and sojourners I meet, that kindness and love of humankind can spread and strengthen the weight and common purpose we as a (human)race share.

Make a light of yourself.

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