Thursday, January 5, 2012

This and That
What an incredibly frustrating afternoon it is turning out to be. I have been filling out job applications online. The truly depressing thing is knowing how many I have filled out over the past year, and wondering how far this can go. I have skills, but I am convinced there is bias against the unemployed, as well as age bias when applying for work in this economy.

I am so tired of people who post on social media sites who have no concept of even the basics of spelling, grammar and punctuation. I may give a pass to those on mobile devices, but if you are on a laptop or at a computer terminal all bets are off. The number of posts I see with no vowels in words, lol, roflmao,ty,brb,cyl, etc is totally astounding. Spell-check it! The danger of using lazy, non-standard grammar, spelling and punctuation is that when you really need the skill it will not be there. I know that my writing is far from perfect. But I do try. Here are two examples, the ones that set me off this morning:

  1. GOD said...Do not hit da wall. Blow dee trumpets, makes sum noises, sing t ME!
  2. Wuz nots dee g-d ofba dis world 2nd Corin.4:4
Now I ask you, if you were looking to invest your time, money or attention in this person or their craft, would you? Because the person who wrote this is in dire financial straits, and not uneducated. They may not have a degree in language, but they have attended at the minimum the public school system and a trade school. Am I being mean? Perhaps I am. Someone needs to advise the users of forums by which their opinions and views are broadcast to others that content can be diminished when delivered in such a manner.

My biggest pet peeves, other than lol and wuz and ofba
  • There / Their / They're
  • Your / You're
  • Alot (a lot)
  • Where / Were / We're
  • Sld (should?)
  • Cld (could? cold?)
These are just off the top of my head. 

When I was in training to be a customer service representative at Cingular Wireless (now AT&T) I had the same issues. The trainer ended up nicknaming me "Mrs. Webster". That was almost six years ago. The notes that went into the computer as we were on a call with a customer for all intents and purposes became part of legal documents the minute the enter or save key was engaged. 

When I post this on my blog, even if I edit the content at a later date, the original post is still out there somewhere. When you tweet, or post on social media, or comment on a website or blog you are creating a bit of data than may be retrieved by anyone at anytime. What virtual image are you creating? 

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