Tuesday, January 10, 2012

High Emotion w/ A photo of what calms me in the end
Tenth day of the month, 1/3 of the way through the January challenge. I got really pissed last night, at a Facebook "friend"  - I am going to copy and paste a bit here, but I will refrain from including any names. 

It all began because of this blog post which is funny-in-my-opinion but apparently not to everyone else. Oh, and the comment I used on my 'share' was : Toast-Tortillas-Potato Chips - it had to happen, people!. 

The response that just struck the wrong nerve with me was brief : Not nice disrespectful

Now I am not really sure why this pissed me off so much. Maybe the Brussels Sprouts I ate for supper gave me gas, maybe the high emotion of the wrestling match Roger was watching influenced me - who knows - I just know I was irritated.

Normally, I let those moments pass. Something I have learned to do over the decades of being as mouthy and opinionated as I am by nature. But every once in a while, my fingers type faster than my better sense can kick in and the result is something like this: 

Sorry you feel that way - xxxx. I find it absurd that people see religious iconography in objects like food and deify it, when Christians and Jews are admonished in the Old Testament to not have "graven" images. The visage of Yahweh was so beautiful, as was the glory of the divine housed in the Ark of the Covenant that no one could gaze upon it ... that is the Judeo-Christian perspective. If you go outside of the tradition, you will find millions of people who find, enjoy and revel in the Divine in Mother Earth, Gaea, and all of her beauty without making a shrine every ten feet. One of my favorite quotes is "There are no sacred places, only desecrated ones" Do not presume, ever, to take me to task for finding humor in a post from a satirical website.

Oh, but I was not finished. The person commented a second time, presumably defending their comment, and I deleted the second comment. Still perturbed, because once I get this way it takes a while for me to return to my normal self, I engaged in de-escalation via private messaging with a friend. This is part of what I said to them:

OK, thanks for listening! Maybe she will un-friend me ... I try to be nice, and respectful. I disapprove of cruelty aimed at women, the LBGT community, and other races. I abhor anything to do with open or subtle encouragement of any type of abuse ... but some things are just funny.

And some things are just funny to me. Perhaps it may be inappropriate, but shocker, I cannot think of anyone who is not inappropriate or disrespectful at one time or another. We really need to learn to get over ourselves once in a while, let some of the pressure off. Throw caution to the winds and laugh or cry or fart or whatever gut reaction we are suppressing. It is not going to be the end of the world as we know it!

In closing, I will share a fuzzy because I took it through the window picture of an egret that was wading her way up Little Beaver Creek this morning, snacking on minnows.


  1. Eloquently put!! I'm in wholehearted agreement with you, Ellen... on all points :)


  2. Thank You, Karen. Anyone who knew me 30 years ago may even tell you I was restrained in my initial response to the situation - I stood at one end of the hallway in High School once and screamed F@%K YOU so loud at another girl the principal heard it in his office....Roger has been good for me!

  3. oh gosh I am outta breath racing to read your blog and it was worth it cause I laughed until I had tears, cause I am the opposite- used to be so polite and shy and now I anger easy, except at hubby because he is my friend and want him to stay that way. He says my anger is from the diabetes. I just say it is from old age. Beside if I don't get it out now it will just stay bottled up. I have been hanging around too many sailors and soldiers. s.b.