Monday, January 16, 2012

Biting My Tongue

I usually don't get all steamed about things right off the bat. I used to in my younger days, but the years have mellowed me in some respects. Now, you may think that is a good thing, but it is not  always. Because I let things simmer. They lurk around somewhere in my wrinkly grey matter and when I address or try to resolve the matter at hand, I have days of complicated thoughts to try to make sense of without totally exploding.

There are a couple of situations like that I am dealing with right now, and I am being so cautious. My gut, primal reactions are to be harsh and lash out. The problem being that should I do that, I may damage relationships I do not want to, or cannot afford to, damage. 

I will pose a hypothetical question to people at times, trying to work through a problem like this. I want input, and I invariably get less and more than I want. Less constructive perspective, and more unwanted advise. So I have started talking to my cat.

Yes, I have started talking to my cat Smokie to try to navigate my way through complicated human issues and situations. At first, I thought I had really lost it. Now I am not so sure. She listens, does not judge, keeps her mouth shut, and gives me the opportunity to hear my thoughts and emotions as they will sound to others. I can tighten things up, edit myself where needed.

Writing does not always help, because I tend to hit send on a comment, post or e-mail without careful consideration.
That's all.

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