Friday, January 20, 2012

Fractured Friday

Odd weather we are having these days of January. I am not really complaining though. Less cold equals less heat pump therefore lower AEP bills and I am definitely all for that.

Etta James has passed away. People always pile on the accolades when a musician. author or artist passes away. When you go back and read their biographies you often see they were beset by misfortune or plagued by obscurity in their time with us. I wonder why we only sing praises when they are gone?

I have been unemployed for 15 months this week. I truly never imagined this would happen to me. I will never view social/public assistance programs in the same way as I did two years ago. Nor the recipients.

I think people fixate so much on things they cannot control, like the weather, because they are so ill-equipped to handle the things they should be able to control. And yes, I am including myself in that collective.

More time spent understanding and less time spent trying to impress or condemning may solve more problems than we think.

Listening without offering opinion or serving up one's own issues is likely the greatest of the graces one can employ.

Graciousness and civility seem to be traits, in my opinion, that would benefit society if encouraged and cultivated more.

I heard it said once that the best measure of character would be to face whatever life brought you with grace and dignity.

I am less reliant on income for contentment than I would have thought. It must be true that the best things in life do not have a price tag attached.

I find myself editing my vocabulary a great deal, even when I write this blog. Not for profanity, but for words I fear the average reader may not be familiar with.

One of my favorite phrases is "unmitigated gall".

The everything topping they put on bagels and bakery breads is really tasty and is applicable to both sweet and savory usage. Not many foods are that diverse.


  1. It is a shame one has to "go to" work to make an income when you have talent. What happened to homemade arts and crafts. I dream of making macrame belts for high profile got money to blow people. And you, any dreams?susan b.

  2. Ah, Susan, lots of dreams. I cannot imagine a time when I shall not have hopes, dreams, aspirations.

  3. Unlike you I haven't seen relatives- cousins, aunts etc in almost 35 years, we lived too far apart. So when unable to be with family, I made friends my family. Roger was one such friend. And I aspire to take trips and see old friends from years ago. There were friends in Midland, Lynchburg, Savannah who have moved to unknown locations and FB has been a means of locating and reconnecting. Thus I facedbooked-if that's a word- Roger and then you. I see who the writer is in your family. I truely enjoy reading your blogs and viewing pictures. I loved living in Lynchburg, Blue Ridge mts were ten minutes away and could be seen from my home off in the distance. My family camped a lot and I hoped to do same activity when I got older. Bought all kinds of equipment that has never been used. I did live in 26' camper trailer that I lived in mom's backyard, it was better than camping sometimes because friends knew where to find me. Susan b.