Saturday, January 14, 2012

gotta make the doughnuts
Do you remember that commercial? Dunkin' Doughnuts, way back in the day [as they say]. That is the way I feel right now.

I made a commitment to blog everyday, not everyday I feel like it. And oh, my, today I do not feel like it. I have a headache, combination of sinus issues and not enough caffeine I suspect. I am determined however, so I soldier on.

I have been dealing a bit with drama the past few weeks, and that probably has not helped. I even dreamed about the whole mess last night. Actually, I think my subconscious was trying so hard to decipher the mess that I was working out escape scenarios in my sleep.

I get tired of deciding what to eat every day. Deciding what to cook is hard for me. I do enjoy cooking, and enjoy it most when there are people other than Roger and me to eat the results.

Doughnuts. I do like to make doughnuts, though I have not done so in ages. I have not deep-fried anything in quite some time. I worked in fast food and in the high school cafeteria years ago, and still despise the smell of deep frying in progress. I bake a great many things that others fry, from chicken to french fries. I even roast green tomatoes and summer squash in the oven.

Nonsense from my brain just to say I blogged today.

gotta make the doughnuts

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  1. really sounds like a salad kind of day susan b.