Sunday, January 22, 2012

Soul Refreshment

Being from the mountains as I am, I have opportunity everyday to gaze upon the awe-inspiring displays of nature. Not everyone is so fortunate.

This is for you.

There is one view, on the way home, I have shared before. When you are driving towards our house from the town of Lebanon, there is one spot I call the top of the world. It truly feels you can see forever, to infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story would say. Once you start winding your way down towards the Clinch River, you have a view across the mountains and valleys that will leave you breathless.

My nephew, Grat Slade, took these pictures today. He lives near Bluefield, VA, and there are incredible mountain-scapes there as well. We had a blessing of rain here yesterday, fog last night and bright sun and winds this morning, They combined to put on a show unrivaled anywhere. He describes this as "clouds rolling across East River Mountain". One comment on the picture described watching the same sky this morning : "I was out and stopped the car and just looked at the sky. It was a beautiful sky, it looked like you were pulling up a blanket."
Soul refreshment.

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