Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012 - Views from Little Beaver Creek

We had our snow, more than some people, not as much as others. North of Little Beaver Creek, in my hometown of Richlands, there is about six inches on the ground. I stood in the kitchen and took these pictures:

As you can see, the little red crone-mobile is not going anywhere today. Our neighbors’ woodpile is in the background here. The outside cats are frequent hunters of vermin in the shed that is just outside the shot.

This shows the neighbors' shed, and a snow covered John Simms Hill Road. Little Beaver Creek is seen a bit as well, as she meanders along, setting our property line. I am very fond of the tree with the natural flocking. Later we will put out some feed for the birds; I collect bread scraps and such to scatter for them. The outside cats are always a nuisance when it comes to feeding the birds. They are very proficient hunters.  The colors of a wintry landscape are very appealing to me, all of the shades of brown and gray highlighted by the snow.

This is a nice view of Little Beaver Creek as she makes her way behind the house. There is a feast of seeds for the birds in the weeds you see in the background. The snow-covered stones are the back of our open-air fireplace that Roger built. The firebox is a reclaimed single basin enamel on cast-iron sink he rescued from the “Finney Mall”, aka the dump. It works admirably for its purpose, we have a wonderful view of the night sky from there, and the creek babbles merrily along. When spring comes I will have pictures of the tree, bushes and wild roses. The cedar post is positioned to be aligned with the sunrise on the spring equinox.  

Now we move to the front porch, where I realize just how cold 19 degrees is when I do not have a coat or sweater on. The next pictures were all point and shoot. The first is the neighbors yard again, and the road that we live on. Roger’s truck can barely be seen in the lower right corner. We like red vehicles. Can you tell?

Behind us is unused land that was once someone’s home. The house used to make me feel sad, until I realized that birds and squirrels and mice and cats and ‘possums and ‘coons have a means of shelter when needed. We have been here 10 years and it has always looked this way.

One of the outside cats, LPG (Little Panda Girl) was out and about. Look at that determined expression! “No nonsense here, I am headed back to the shed and my food dish”, she seems to be saying. The little minx totally ignored me.

This next view reminds me of a Robert Frost quote. Can you guess which one? 

When I sit in the cozy warmth of the living room on these frigid January days, I can see this: 

New Garden Road as it winds itself up the hill after crossing the Mighty Clinch River at Nashs Ford.  This view inspires me, all year long. I would write flowing prose or heart wrenching poetry had I the talent, just from the emotions this home of ours invokes in my soul. Were I an artist, I would paint series’ of pastoral landscapes of the breathtaking and delicate beauty of this earth. Alas, I am neither, so mediocre digital photographs will have to suffice.


  1. You should have been there when Roger had the Jeep s.b.

    1. He does not have a Jeep now, but he does have a 4WD Chevy S10 - It gets us where we need to go.