Tuesday, November 1, 2016

30 days of thankfulness. Day 1.

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There is a natural flow to the year for me. I know that not everyone lives in a climate where the seasons are so well defined, but here in my beloved Appalachian Mountains of SW Virginia, you can truly feel the changing of seasons without ever looking at a calendar. Now, I would say that this is my favorite time of the year but that is not necessarily true. Actually, I think my favorite time of the year is now. So it changes constantly, just as life does. 

November brings times of reflection to many, and the US as a whole celebrates two significant observances of gratitude - Veterans Day on 11/11, every year, and Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of the month. I like to think I am thankful all the time, though in all honesty I am more than likely not. 

So for this personal challenge I inflict on those who read this blog, for the month of November I am going to try to not just spout the usual litany of things I am thankful for but deliberately search out something every day, share it here (the posts will more than likely come at the end of the day for the most part) and then examine how, and if, I was able to express my gratitude. There may or may not be pictures to accompany the posts.

I was out of work from late October of 2010 until March of 2014. Today I was reminded once again of how difficult it was to be unemployed for such a long time. I do not always have fun at work, and there are days I hurt. I do try to give my best, and not take advantage of breaks or co-workers. I do this because I know that it is not a right but a privilege that someone thinks enough of my skill or knowledge to compensate me for my time. In many ways, I truly believe that diligence at work is an expression of gratitude for having the opportunity to earn a paycheck. 

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