Wednesday, November 16, 2016

30 days of thankfulness. Day 15 and Day 16.

This is why there was no Day 15 - {so you get another combo}

I clocked out at work yesterday at 2pm. I had worked 6 of the last 7 days. 12 of the last 14. I was tired. I fell asleep before 7pm, and woke up at midnight. I was awake until about 4, then fell asleep again and woke up at 10. I have today and tomorrow off, then I work 6 days, one day off, then work 3 more days. I am very, extremely, exceedingly grateful to have my job. This will be three holiday seasons I have been employed - after 4 of unemployment. Busy times are infinitely preferable to no money. But gee, I was so tired when I got home yesterday - mentally especially because of the nature of what I am doing at work, but physically as well. I feel somewhat rested now, and onward and forward I go.

So, for Day 15 ...

In the Facebook post about the intense (for me) schedule I have had over recent days, I alluded to a long period of unemployment.

During  that time, as is wont to happen, all manner of issues happened here at home. We do not operate in general, on a basis of "buy it new". We have many second-hand, gently-used, hand-me-down, recycled, new-to-me items. The microwave we had in 2010-ish was one that came from my mother-in-law originally. It stopped working, in a spectacular fashion I might add. I whined about it on Facebook, and a Facebook friend very graciously offered to meet me and give us a used microwave (Hi, Lance!). The Lance microwave worked well and faithfully, and is actually still operational. About a month ago, my sister was cleaning out the last remnants of the belongings of her two adult sons who are now both living in their own apartments and discovered a barely used microwave that she very kindly gave me. I have since started using the Carol microwave, and the Lance microwaves fate is under discussion.

So for Day 15 I am thankful for the grace and kindness of friends and relatives, who consistently step up and offer both tangible and intangible expressions of assistance.

Lance Microwave

Carol Microwave

Day 16

As is evidenced by the title of this blog, I am somewhat Owl Obsessed. I have been since at least 2001, though I actually believe my Owl Awareness dates back to when I was very young and read I Heard The Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven. Now sitting atop the microwave are a few of the Owl-Themed items gifted to me by dear friends. Items that are in use. Owls that make me smile daily because they are visual reminders of the affection of friends and relatives that have taken the time to gift me with items that they know reflect a particular passion of mine. An effort to know me that I am very thankful for, in a time when so many relationships seem to skim the superficial surface of a high speed digital age.

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