Saturday, November 5, 2016

30 days of thankfulness. Day 5.

Not easy to do. Sometimes that rain is cold, and stings like needles. 

Every moment. Enjoy? Maybe not enjoy, but find a reason for thankfulness - I think I can do that. There is a C/W song that has a line, I thank God for unanswered prayers. Thankfulness is like that sometimes. Being thankful not for the thing that happened, but that the other thing that would have been worse didn't happen.

So today I decided no made myself no - made an agreement with myself I was going to do some cleanup and throwout in the kitchen. Pre-holiday work, so if I decide to bake or cook something special I know the ingredients I need will be fresh and available. My reward would be a home-cooked country meal of Collard Greens, Boiled Potatoes, and Cornbread. But if I did not complete all of the tasks I started, I would have to eat what I call a fast and dirty meal. Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a bowl of soup with saltines. 

I have these bins for dry goods, things like pasta or beans, that have silicone seals on the clip-on lids. They are made by Lock&Lock. Anyway, I had left the lid on one and filled it with hot soapy water. It was sitting tipped to the back, and I unsnapped the tabs that hold it closed. Hot soapy water exploded in a wave out of the sink and onto the floor. I turned it so the water was going into and not out of the sink basin as quickly as I could, then mopped up the water with a towel.

I am thankful that only a few cups of water hit the floor rather than about 12 cups, which is the listed capacity of that particular storage bin. I am not thankful that I spilled water, but very thankful it was not worse. 

I did not enjoy the mishap, but was thankful that it was not worse. 

So today I guess I am thankful that I can find a bit of enjoyment in most situations. Like the floor in front of the kitchen sink getting an extra little wash today.

And I am thankful for my reward. 

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