Monday, November 7, 2016

30 days of thankfulness. Day 7.

I came home from work today and spent a nice, calming interlude holding my black cat on my lap and just appreciating the joy and purpose she brings to my life. 

Later, I had a really nice conversation with my friend Lilian who lives in Olympia, WA. 

For my evening meal I had my usual salad, and then a handful of dark chocolate covered cherries for dessert.

As I write this, we are watching Dancing With the Stars. The joy and positivity of this show is so refreshing juxtaposed against the angst and conflict on this eve of what is shaping up to be a historical presidential election in the US.

Earlier today, I discovered an error in my favor relating to a purchase I had made and took steps to ensure that I had paid properly for the items in question. 

None of the above are earth-shattering or life-altering. All are just parts of the whole of a day in my life. Being thankful,  living a life of gratitude, is not about grand gestures. It is about making everyday moments real and meaningful. 

There is power, and wisdom, and creativity to life. From the iridescence of a ruby-throated hummingbird to the sweeping and limitless horizon when you stand on the shore of an ocean there is both permanence and  ephemerality to life. To fully experience and live the majesty and delicacy of the world  we are entrusted with begins with thankfulness. 

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