Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Awake August 2016 - Twentythree and Twentyfour



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day to day distractions
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mindful observations
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small stones

Prompt Response : When the Truth Sits Over my Right Shoulder

I bent over in the kitchen, to retrieve something from the bottom of the baker's rack, and the black cat peered over my right shoulder from her perch above me - you know, just to see what I was about. Then she was joined by her partner in crime the calico. Quickly losing interest - within seconds - they set about grooming my hairline and forehead. The Truth here being that either they are human or I am feline, for they surely see us as being a common species. We are family. I raised them both from orphaned rescue status.



quiet before sunrise
calm the chattering demands
day yet to begin

Prompt Response : When the Truth Sits over my Right Shoulder

When the truth sits over my right shoulder
And worry settles upon my chest like a boulder
When concern drapes a mantlila over my head
And confusion reigns when lies I am fed

An arsenal lies within reach of my left hand
Tools to help me know exactly where I stand
A sketchpad, colored pencils. a book being read
Notecards, my journal, an extra pencil lead

Words will be written, sketches drawn
Interspersed with watching cats on the lawn
Knots are unravelled, tough decisions made
And bit by bit all but mindfulness fade

I have a vision of Earth, Healed .... 
will you share my vision? 

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