Monday, August 8, 2016

Awake August 2016 - Sixth/Seventh/Eighth


Pretending the tears are from allergies

My eyes leak for a 24 year old woman
Cancer Sucks


Mindful Journey

Prompt Response:

Attachment Unavailable
Affection Unneeded
Affinity Unwarranted
Agreement Utilised
Until something I can provide
Is desired
Then I am of infinite value ...
The status quo
grows old
and cold

We all have those days, I think, when we are just not 'feeling" it.

Today has been like that for me.

It is hot, humid, overcast.

I am tired, restless, listless.


Through the Glades
Plump groundhog munching chicory
Utility truck repairing phone lines
Crows caw from a corn field
Hazy Sunday morning


Via @artiewu 


Saphro Gratitude encompasses my being #AwakeAugust

Prompt Response:
The Meaning behind the meaning The Meaning behind the meaning Subtexts say it all The tears behind my laughter No one will see fall The fear that drives my confidence A large and driving force The overwhelming insecurity Sees me always saying yes

Courtesy wearesoulsparks and Evolver Social Movement

So I was at a saturation point, I suppose. So much energy spent, and taking little if any time to recharge. All at once, I was not just tired, but exhausted. So I took a respite. I ate, and slept, and laughed with my Roger. We had deep, and shallow, conversations. I cleared some clutter from the kitchen counters, and from my mind as well. Some Olympics have been watched, and a few science fiction and classic horror films.

I have a vision of Earth, healed ... be kind, to yourself as well as others. Take time to just 'be'. Take notice of the souls you encounter, not just the human shells, but the soul within.

We are all we have, and this is our one shot at making it count.

~Ellen Apple

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