Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Awake August 2016 - Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth

Few things equal
Seeing a familiar face
Getting hugs hello
Then hugs farewell


The congestion and pressure in my head a harbinger of the weather we shall have today.


Color tinges the sky
Another hot day forecast
She survived surgery


We each live our life, I believe, with an internal soundtrack. Songs and rhythms and soundbites that accompany us throughout our days and nights. Layers of sound only we can hear. Our blood as it flows, out breath as our chest rises and falls, the beat of our heart that is always there. A soundtrack that is felt as well as heard. The ripple of a breeze caressing our hair, the onrush of warmth as we step from a cool room into a summer day,  the comforting rough rub of a lover's thumb on our palm while holding hands. Our inner dialogue as we converse, or write, choosing word and inflection and tone to best convey our message. 

The song of our spirit.

The dance of our soul.

Ours and ours alone. 

Not a cacophony of confusion  - rather a symphony we are composing and performing from the moment we take our first breath until we lie in repose at the end of our path. 

I believe ...

That our soul language, our spirit composition, is shared in bits with others while the entirety is known, heard, and performed only with our own mind.  When we read of seeing someone's emotions flashing across their face in a varied series of expressions, that is what we are sharing - a bit of their internal and eternal soundtrack. 

That our truth, our honesty and our reality are revealed in those bits and bytes we allow others to see. 

That our struggles to understand and comprehend the influx of experiences and emotions are played out in our dreamtime, when our minds remix times and places and events and other faces to show us what was, what could have been, what perhaps really is, what could or could not be ... 

That our unique and singular soundtrack is a part of a wondrous and intricate collaborative chorale of the universe, melding with all others to create perfection. All are equally important, and none is unnecessary. 

I have a vision of Earth, healed ... be kind, we are all sacred compositions. 

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