Thursday, August 4, 2016

Awake August 2016 - Fourth

Sunrise Sky
Delicate blue
Smears of pale pink
Morphing to white


Mindful Journey Prompt Response

The first leaves of the season begin to drift to the grass, as suddenly "Attachment Unavailable" following an afternoon of whirling winds and driving rain.

Some Thursday Thoughts ( I may ramble a bit )

There is a reason I call my blog White Owl at midnight ...

I had what I can only describe as a vision (when I described it to Roger soon after we met, he called it dreamwalking) in May of 2001. I had travelled to Indiana for a quick 2-day trip with a friend to attend a renaissance fair. She and I had both worked an eight hour shift, and I had driven through the better part of the night to get to the location of the fair, not that far from Notre Dame.

I was grabbing a quick "power nap" and had a dream wherein a wise white owl spoke to me. A very powerful experience. Since then a previous appreciation of owls in general has grown to be a bit more, and I named my blog in honor of the vision I had in May of 2001.

I am in the process of trying to learn to draw - small, insignificant little drawings in pencil. I find it to be relaxing, and then ask myself - Why, Ellen?

and then I answer

why not?

Here is an example, a salamander ...

I taught myself to cross-stitch, quilt, knit - why not draw? I even taught myself to sew on a machine when I was still in Junior High School ( I am so old they did not have middle school yet).

Shadows are lengthening, people, and soon Labor Day will be here.

I had several photos I wanted to share today, but Blogger is being obstinate - But I did manage to get two on here.

I have a Facebook friend whose wife is ill with cancer, and it may not look real promising. for her - he posted the following today:
Thank you all for everything. I would like to ask that all these prayers please be put into action in a mindful way. If each of you praying for us could find a way to show extra kindness, tolerance, patience or compassion at some point in your day to someone along the way in your corner of the world, it would be a wonderful way to honor our struggle and bring some good out of it. It would mean the world to us. Thanks again to each of you.

This is what I am talking about, the healing of our Earth. We do this one deed, one person, at a time. We are humankind, it should not be that difficult to be kind humans.

Much love to each who reads these words, and may you be blessed, and bless others even as you are blessed. 

I have a vision of Earth, healed ...join me? No risk, much reward. 

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