Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday ... and on the Eighth Day

Shared from the Facebook page of my sister from another mother, Lilian Mustelier - whose constancy and care in my life, and Roger's, has been a lagniappe from Universe in ways I cannot express.

Shots fired in the night, and at least one life lost. News from my region this morning ... and once more, random acts of violence (seem to) trump random acts of kindness. So the call goes forth, from a muted voice in an empty room, echoing across the barren landscapes and rocky peaks ... howl at the dark horse ... howl until strength lags then renews ... howl through the blistering heat and driving rain ... howl, and howl again. For the lives lost, for the hearts shattered, for the hope that must not wither.

Come away a while with me
Leave this mess behind
We shall see what we can be
Adventures we shall find

Unicorns and fairy folk
Will be our guides I'm sure
Be sure to wear your woolen cloak
The path leads through the moor

Bring a snack along as well
Tucked in your ample vest
Perhaps a trinket too we'll sell
Or give as grateful guest

We shall need both tent and kettle
For frequent stops and rests
Camps may harbor stinging nettle
And other loathsome pests

What's that you say
You think you'll pass
Too high a price to pay
Then refill my empty glass
And I'll be on my way

~Ellen Apple, 07 July 2014

It has been a week today that my brother-in-law Allen Apple passed away. Roger wrote, for all of the love and concern that has been sent his way, the following:

(as he wrote it – no edits or corrections)
Thank You too All that wished me and My Family Well
It has been a week of Allens Passing ‘ His history on our earth is over. But now I sit alone in a movie theater with Memories Flooding on a constant Loop with tears, Smiles and what ifs
To All Thank You Love you

Allen called me Arlo (here he drew three teardrops)

~ Ellen Apple 7/7/2016

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