Friday, July 22, 2016

In the midnight garden of my brain

Prompt: In the midnight garden of my brain

My face lifts skyward
I raise my arms
and wings unfurl
I take flight 
soaring among the clouds 
tumbling on the currents
exultation of spirit ascends
There is a beauty and grace 
In my every movement
Flawless synchronization of intent and execution
My midnight garden resides in the ether
Unbound and borderless
No depth or height
Just            being
I am so loathe to return to
To Earth - reality - 
To these mortal confines
But return I must. 
I know this truth
But in the deepest recesses of my brain
A secret lies - 
I can return to this midnight garden
At Will - 
And that knowledge sufficient must be
In my daily toils

~ Ellen Apple 7/22/2016

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