Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cool Changing

Time for a cool change. 

Cool Change by Little River Band is a song whose lyrics echo in the recesses of my mind frequently. There is another song lyric, "Life gets tedious" that sort of goes hand in hand, for me. Because life does get tedious, and there is a yearning that will well up from within for that cool change, that respite and restoration that is required to continue the task, to finish the skirmish, to take that next step forward. 

We do not always have the wherewithal in life to go to that physical place, that space for refuge and restoral that we long for. Life is life, after all, and it is so often tedious. The daily grind, the day to day, the rat race, day in and day out our lives do seem to be prearranged. 

Weariness of the body and lethargy of the spirit settle in it seems, to take up permanent residence. People ask, "Hello. How are you today?" "Fine." Always the same  answer, whether it be true or not. For do we really want to tell our pain, our worry, our fear? Who would listen ... who would care ... what difference would it make? 

Or, even worse, we may then have to listen to their truth. To the demons that plague another's life, the conundrums that keep them sleepless at 2:37 AM when the clock will beep in three hours and they will have no option but to do it all again, another day another dollar. And the hamster wheel keeps turning.

Well, there has to be another way. A better way. A way to connect, to be a helper. A way to heal your wounds while being the balm that other people are burning for. A cool changing. And I believe there is.

Listen, don't just hear. There is a start.

Answer, don't just talk back. 

Learn names, and care.

Be kind, by offering a smile at the least. 

Don't take everything so darned personally.

Measure your life by your standards, but allow others the same courtesy.

A differing opinion or viewpoint is just that. Different. It is not wrong, or stupid, or ignorant - not uneducated, ill-informed, evil. It is different. Remember, your life experiences are uniquely yours, and so are those of others uniquely theirs. 

Be kind, it costs nothing and can mean everything. 
Original Artwork by Aimee Street

We are all so magnificently different, made of stardust, growing a world together that is ever-changing, always evolving. Rooted to the Earth, and reaching outward, where all of Eternity awaits. Be Blessed, my Sisters and Brothers, and Bless others in the blessing.

I have a vision of Earth, healed ...

~ Ellen Apple 7/5/2016

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  1. As always, I enjoyed your ponderings, Roberta. We do so need our Earth on all of those on it healed, living in peace.