Saturday, July 2, 2016

Six for Saturday


My brother-in-law, Oscar Allen Apple, Sr., passed away on Thursday, June 30. He was born August 5, 1956, at Dixie Hospital in Newport News, Va. I have several photos of him, the one I personally like the best is of him and Roger when they were 4 and 6.

My second favorite is of Allen, Roger, and their father. Roger was in the Army, so it was probably taken in about 1977. Roger calls it The Three Amigos. 


Today is the first anniversary of my second time as an employee of Wal-Mart. They sent me a card. The first time I worked there - at the same store - from May 2002 until July 2006. 


You read frequently on this blog the words 
I have a vision of Earth, healed ...
This is because I do have a vision, and it is not of a dystopian , post apocalyptic future where there is no kindness, no hope, no recourse.

My vision, my hope, is that the differences we allow to separate us as people would become instead cause for celebration and broader horizons. There are so many ways we can be the difference in another persons day, and that other people can be the difference in our day. Why not make it a positive? Remember, be kind. It costs nothing and can mean everything.



still humid air sits 
weighing down wilting flowers
a cool breeze drifts in
teasing tastes of showers gift
miles away yet possible


There are second chances, and third, and fourth ... actually an infinite number. Maybe not do-overs, but do-betters. Limited only by your willingness to learn lessons and the number of mornings you will awaken to a new day.


I really like watermelon, and cantaloupe. And berries, all kinds of berries. Stone fruits as well, dead ripe peaches being my favorite of those. But my favorite thing in all the world is a cup of coffee with real cream and sugar, and something to dunk into it. Lotus cookies (Biscoff) and Nekot are my current picks - but I would not say no to a scone, or some shortbread. 

*** Bonus ***

Nekot, manufactured by Lance, is a graham cracker peanut butter filled cookie. Nekot is token spelled backward. 

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