Friday, July 1, 2016

Post 300

On October 12, 2010, I sat in the Russell County Public Library in Lebanon, Virginia, and set up a blog.  White Owl at Midnight. Today's post is the 300th I have published. 

A great deal has happened in my life over the past 5 1/2 years, and most - if not all - of it is chronicled here on my blog. In many ways, it is the story of me. 

My passions, my struggles, my heartaches and trials. My joys, my losses, my victories, my journey to me. 

Through White Owl, I have rediscovered and reignited a passion for writing that has been a part of me since I was a teenager. Prose has never been my strong point. But Poetry. Ah, Poetry. Just this past week I wrote "Elegy". In an introduction to the poem I posted on Facebook, I said: 

It has occurred to me today that I have been seriously working at the craft of writing (creative writing, poetry and prose) for at least 43 years, Wow. And never published, except for my little blog. I thus decree I am the Poet Laureate of the muted voice in the empty room. Check out my Elegy on said blog.

Rachel Westfall Taylor - used with permission

The following are my introduction to my blog, and my first blog post:

From 10/12/2010

I am definitely moving onward and upward with my life, and want to be able to connect better with my ever increasing family, there here and elsewhere.

You will see the esoteric and mundane, the prosaic and eclectic, recipes for things that will make your tummy happy, and recipes that are never meant to be actually consumed!

Come in, have a cup of good tea, maybe a slice of cake, and we will see what happens!

From 10/20/2010

one thing that has really irritated me a great deal lately is the way that people are more materially focused -
i understand that commerce is important, but the intense consumerism and lack of balance in the society really concerns me-

so for balance
 one thing that is so very encouraging to me in recent days is the blooming of awareness and understanding i am seeing in some of the people in my circle, as well as in myself, of the interconnections of reality -

may paths
one reality
too many detours?
a detour is so often a revelation
it is all in how we react to the challenges that define us

Today, I am going to share a few recent Facebook posts as well, things I have written that almost say what I want to say. Because, i am never really done with what I write. I always see tweaks to make, errors to correct, clarifications to made. 

What is on my mind? Need and proximity.If you know someone is in need, and are able, please reach out and try to be the difference. We are at a distinct disadvantage with social media, in some ways, because we are scattered across the globe. Our connections are via the ether. The real impact we can have in life can be implemented in two ways : moral support (listening, praying, paying attention.) and in real life, real time. Even a simple act in your eyes can make all the difference to someone else. Random acts of kindness is one phrase that comes to mind. Be purposeful in your reactions and interactions. If there is need, and you are where the need is, see the need, hear the need, be the solution. It is not always about money, sometimes just being acknowledged is enough. I see and hear so much need every day. I am sure we all do. The question is, what is our response? Moral Support works online and in real life. Action in the moment often requires being in the same place as the person in need. Just a few thoughts rumbling in my mind.


And do not be afraid of course corrections. They are a part of life. We all make errors in judgement, we all speak when we should have been quiet, we all do not speak up when we should have. We all make mistakes. Make the missteps a part of the dance.

Magnolia - Marigold - Mimosa
Wisteria - Weeping Willow - Watermelon
Jasmine - Jack-in-the-Pulpit - Juniper
Honeysuckle - Hydrangea - Honeydew
Fireflies - Fishing Pond - Front Porch
Buttercups - Begonia - Ballgames


Be kind ...It costs nothing, and can mean everything.
Smile at the cashier. 
Say Thank You to the clerk.
Let a car out of a side street ahead of you.
Pick up the receipt you just dropped.
Let the wonder of a child engage you.
Act towards others the way you would appreciate them acting towards you. 
You learned manners as a child - use them.
Lots of busy people this weekend, lots of stress and hurry - be patient.

And in closing, 

I have a vision, of Earth ... healed. 

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