Thursday, April 21, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 21

A whisper in the darkness came
The swans are in the bay
Throughout the cold white winter long
We waited for this day

At break of dawn in misty fog
In our small lakeside town
Sacred silence then settled soft
Magic erased each frown

Sorrow and grief may plague my life 
But each night is followed by dawn
So joy and peace will replace strife
And spring will bring back the swan

~ Ellen Apple 4/21/2016

I was so overcome with grief when I returned from an appointment in town today and learned of the sudden death of Prince. His artistry has always enthralled me. I had yet to write my daily poem, and this was the result. This is a real memory, being awakened early to see the return of the swans- Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario in Upstate New York, Winter/Spring 2001. The beauty and sacredness of that morning took my breath. Fog/mist was resting on the water and as the sun rose the mist began to thin and two ethereally beautiful swans slowly passed close enough to where I stood with my Heart Sister Diane that I could have touched them. Then the mist enveloped them again.

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