Wednesday, April 13, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 13

hillsides and confession

redbud in bloom
redbud on hillsides
hillsides of dreams
hillsides of home
home for supper
home is shelter
shelter my heart
shelter from storms
storms bear energy
storms scare cats
cats crying
cats nap
nap in the recliner
nap before dinner
dinner is ready
dinner in town
town is crowded
town is deserted
deserted sorrows
deserted projects
projects beckon
projects are therapy
therapy distracts
therapy probes deep
deep thoughts
deep empathy
empathy hurts
empathy healing
healing in words
healing hugs
hugs are warm
hugs from friends
friends are my circle
friends share my joy
joy in the now
joy of cooking
cooking is a skill
cooking is zen
zen centers
zen in minutiae
minutiae of emotions
minutiae matter
matter of time
matter is mass
mass hysteria
mass confession
confession brings closure
confession of dreams

~ Ellen Apple 4/13/2016

a blitz poem 

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