Sunday, April 3, 2016

A week of Empty Rooms

The weekly prompt for my writing group was "empty rooms - real or metaphorical". These are my responses. 

Prompt Response Monday
Once empty rooms echoed with loneliness
They were filled
Then emptied bit by bit
Now they echo with loss

Prompt Response Tuesday
Shining floors
Lovely rugs
Fine furnishings
Unique accessories
No soul
No love
No laughter
It is at heart
An empty room

This was a room in a house that had actual gold-plated faucets in the powder room. Brocade draperies. An actual 100+ year old mansion, the family home of a former well-known regional politician. I have never felt such lack of connection to reality as when I was there (as a guest) for an evening.

Prompt Response #2 for Tuesday

The empty room
A promise to
the new 
A benediction to
the old
The empty room
a space between
the pause between
The empty room
is in
and for
each of us

Prompt Response Wednesday

love a fragile dream
hope a fledgling butterfly
home an empty room

Prompt Response Thursday

An empty room
An open door
A woodland path
The night sky

Four things that beguile this poets soul
What calls to you today?

Prompt Response Friday

cold and barren empty room
dustmotes and cobwebs
where once there was you

Prompt Response Saturday

to be empty is to have plenty of room
unexplored possibilities
unsated thirsts
unfulfilled dreams
an empty room is the greatest adventure in life

Prompt Response Sunday

An empty room that calls to me is the attic room in my mother's house, repository for my childhood detritus,there held in safety and care for all these many years. I resist the call, knowing that those fragments of the me that once was will in some manner be both more and less than I am prepared to acknowledge.

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