Saturday, December 3, 2011

To do vs. To be

Written as a comment on the blog for Beth Owls Daughter

I feel at times I am such an observer of others lives. Television and the internet amplify this a great deal. Whether it be the reality of the times in which we live, or my sensitivity to such questions, I feel increasingly that people spend and consume and *do* with such intensity that they forget to *be*. Be in the moment, be who and what you are. Be content. Be aware. Do not wait until you wake up one day and wonder where all of the time and money went, and ask what you have to show it ever was. We spend our time wishing our time away, turning the page on today to speed up tomorrow before we have experienced and appreciated yesterday.
I honestly do not recall this frantic pace of life from my childhood. I was born in 1958, and grew up in a small town in a time that television was not a 24-hour marathon of news and entertainment. A great deal of the enjoyment of life was in the process and pace.
I have a nephew who is a sophomore in college, and he lives his life in public on Facebook. He is always wanting today to be over, waiting for tomorrow. He bemoans the things he has to accomplish, then complains of boredom when he has rushed through all of his tasks. He wishes away days and weeks, wanting summer vacation then hating the heat. Wanting the holidays and snow then being too tired to enjoy and frustrated because the snow keeps him at home, apparently the worst thing imaginable for a 20 year old.
Beth, as you can see this post really struck a chord with me!
As always, thank you for your insight and clarity.

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