Monday, December 19, 2011

Thoughts on the 10 of cups

I am invariably contemplative after reading your posts, Beth. I have a special affinity for this season of the year, being a Sagittarius. Hope and optimism are emotions that seem to come easily to me, yet they feel so fragile in the face of the pessimism I am faced with in my daily life. There are people I am in regular and close contact with who are so prone to ride the doom and gloom wagon. Every conversation feels to be nothing save a litany of the bad and sad and dead. In the face of this, I cast about far and wide to replace the dark they dwell within by calling forth the happy, the good, the love and light I see all around.
There seems to be such a damaged aspect in people at times, and it pains me. Sorrow and joy, pain and pleasure. All are life. Life is a wonder, a gift, an opportunity. The key for me is to look forward, toward that rainbow, into that beautiful sky filling with light. I cannot change what has been, and much of what is rests at the feet and in the hands of others. What I can do, must do, is strive for better, glean the good and move ever forward.
I live and love and laugh. Because being able to do thus, and forcing the attitude when the darkness looms, is a change I can be for myself and others.

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