Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New Adventure Awaits

I keep saying I want to write, that I have it in me. From time to time I fumble around the keyboard long enough to have a few words...

Recently I started reading blogs via www.BlogHer, and am inspired, or shamed, to put the keystrokes where the dreams lie. A small commitment to myself. I spend far too much time on a daily basis on the computer, so I may as well make it worthwhile and blog once a day for the month of January. I am such a neophyte at this I am not even sure I have set this up correctly, but I can put the badge/widget thingy and the URL on here, and I will see if I can get my pitiful little writing on their site within the next five days.

That said, the next question would be what shall I write? Write what you know is always a good axiom, so I shall rant a bit, post maybe a picture or two, tell about my husband, my family, my beliefs, my foibles and failures, maybe even friends, though I shall have to remember not to use names unless I have permission. Blogs in many ways seem to be self-indulgent on the surface, but I know that writing is anything but that. Writing is difficult, messy, painful, never the way you want it to be. Much like life.

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