Monday, June 27, 2016

Magical Monday

There is magic in life ... moments that transcend the norm, events that seep serendipity and whisper whimsy. There are the small private moments that make your catch in your throat they are just so perfect :

And every once in a while, you encounter an image that speaks to you on a visceral level, when a heartfelt yes! bursts from your lips, an invocation of the yearned for and an acknowledgement of the divine:

Or you find a meme that speaks to you, for even if you cannot go to the woods there is still outside, at end of day, as the birds sing the sun to bed and the fireflies dance their dance of fairy lights, silently saying to one another, here I am, here I am, so tired of being alone:

Or this, the most amazing magical moment of all, when you take a deep breath, pick up a colored pencil, and create a wee work of art all your own. As small as a playing card, never to be celebrated in a gallery or a tabletop book, but all yours. From the choice of colors to the off center placement, as if the dragonfly were trying to once again attain the freedom of the heavy summer air where the creek meets the woods. 

Magic is ours, there for the taking, the dreaming, the joy. 

Magic in the eyes of a child, the kindness of a stranger, the giggle of a friend. Magic in the pages of a book, the song of a sparrow, the storm in the night. Magic in the large and small, the sublime and insignificant. Magic in the mere fact that we are here, and can love and hope and dream, no matter our age, no matter our health or wealth or circumstance. Magic in the breezes that blow and the flowers that bloom and the waves that crash on near and distant shores. 

That is the Monday I hope each of you has had.

~ Ellen Apple 6/27/2016

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