Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Frustrations and a Flashback

Frustrating Friday is not an alliteration I am overly fond of, but it suits this day all too well. So, a list of the things that I find frustrating today:

  • The ongoing information (misleading information? disinformation?) coming out of Orlando about the murder of the 49 precious souls. My take is that once all of the various agendas have been satiated we will more likely than not never know why, and who may or may not have been able to prevent ... 
  • The senseless murder of a young performer at the hand of another obsessed fan ... our priorities are so skewed. Reminds me more and more of the excesses and debauchery of the last gasps of The Holy Roman Empire ...
  • The descent of our political process into an abyss of lies, innuendo, misogynism, racism, xenophobia, cronyism, and endless, inane, senseless babble ... 
  • My personal inability to help a scared and hurting friend whose daughter is missing ... 

This poem was included in my Facebook Memories for June 17. Three years later, and I still like it. Unusual for me ... I tend to tinker with my words when I revisit them. So here is my Friday Flashback : 

A Monday Poem

The calico cat sits
In regal pose upon a shelf
Placed beneath a window
For the pleasure of cats
A perch to gaze out upon the world
The rain drips from the porch eave
Her heads tips to one side as she
Does she wonder where 
The water begins?
Where it ends?
Does she contemplate 
Catching the drops?
She stands
And settles again
This time gazing upon
The world she knows and understands
Her indoor domain
and slowly comes to rest on her haunches
To nap

Ellen Apple 06/17/2013

And I shall close with a capture of the calico from this week, demonstrating the sort of languid liquidity of relaxation that humans can only dream of ... 

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