Friday, June 3, 2016

Facebook Friday Fragments

One of our outside cats has kittens, a solid gray, a gray and white, and a calico. I drive 11 miles one way to work, 20 minute mountain roads drive it is. I left the house at 4:30 this morning, and at about 10:30 I was getting in the truck to come home after my shift and saw this note under the wiper blade: There is a gray and white kitten under your truck. I tried to catch it but it hid between the cab and bed. ... No signature. I drove home (after looking and not seeing anything). When I went outside at 6 to feed the cats, the gray and white kitten was on the porch with the other two. A very similar thing happened over ten years ago, also when I was working at Wal-Mart the first time around. I think I will call this kitten Traveller.

Thinking of the continuity that life in a small town affords ... Poss and Jan Smith became friends with Calvin and Billie Thompson when they moved to Richlands in March of 1958. The daughters of the two couples, Carol and Ellen Smith and Susan Thompson, were friends from a very young age. Susan's daughter now lives where her mother grew up, and has a son named Mason. Jan still lives in the house next door, and her granddaughter Rhiannon has a daughter Brayleigh who plays from time to time with Mason. Billie Thompson's parents and Poss Smith's parents also lived on the same street, and Susan now lives in her grandparent's house. Five generations of two families in one small town in the heart of Appalachia. Connected for about 60 years or more.

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