Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Walnut Bridge

Once a towering black walnut stood
Sentinel o'er river birch and lilac wood
Until storm and time conspired
One fated night the mighty tree expired
Leaning listing left to decay mold

Weeks and seasons and weather passed
Still precariously leaned a drunken mast
Thus explored by curious cat and snake
A shelter for bird and rabbit did make
Through blistering heat and icy cold 

April so harsh May left behind
June brought wind and storm most unkind
An epic elemental fight
In aftermath of the darkest night
Morning and new purposes unfold

A footbridge for wildlife will span
Meandering stream untamed by man
A surface smooth easily traversed
Each confident step well rehearsed
Nature is a wonder to behold

~ Ellen Apple 06-25-2014

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