Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I give up

My last post was not promoted on Facebook personally or on the Page we have.

Same number of views as if I had promoted it.

Facebook is ineffectual and a time sucker.

I am so over all of the politics - xenophobia - racism - liberal this - conservative that - preachers - baiters - trolls - users - abusers -

Much less will be seen by me on Facebook

I have *8*


followers of this blog

So I am a voice crying in the wilderness

tap tap tap
anyone there?

Never a comment - except for Leigh, dear sweet cousin always so encouraging - I love you!

06/19/14 UPDATE

After the pity party, I looked closer .... more than eight people read this blog, I was just feeling isolated and alone that day

The 8 is google+ followers, I also am on networked blogs, and many of my followers link through Facebook.

My pity party made it sound as though I do not see and appreciate the kindness of each person who reads my words, and that is so far from the reality!

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