Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Miscellany of Mental Meanderings in May

I really really try to be positive. There is so much gloom, despair, and misery everywhere you look. I am not a PollyAnna. Far from it actually. I know all too well there are dark, evil, despicable people in the world. I have known my fair share of them to be sure. I have worked most of my life in jobs that have brought me in direct contact with the public. Anyone who has cashiered, clerked, worked collections, customer service, or at a call center will more than likely concur. I like to think that there is a balance to life, equal light to dark, but I know that is a very simplistic view. More apt would be varying shades of gray, and ever evolving and melding shades at that, because people are not simple. We are a complex, complicated, mercurial species. The two words that I feel are used most erroneously in relation to the behavior of people are always and never

I recently read several Facebook status updates referencing people with rainbow and unicorn outlooks on life, and I can see how in general my facebook activity may seem to reflect a Unicorn Rainbow persona, but that is so not me. I have my demons, my darkside as it were. I tend to be pragmatic, and more suspicious of the motivations of others than you might think. I have been lied to, deceived, let down, used, abused, and berated enough over the 54 or so years that I have conscious memory of that most of the glitter has worn off of the filter I see the world through. 

My husband and I recently had an interesting end of life conversation. We are opposites in this area. I want no heroic measures, no life support, no experimental treatments. Comfort level of drugs, honor my organ donor status, cremation or green burial. No chemicals or long drawn out funerals. He wants to not be unplugged or turned off. His reasoning is interesting, though. He feels that his consciousness will have lots of time for out of body travel that way. Living wills and end of life directives are definitely on the to-do list for us.

#yesallwomen and #notallmen are really dominating Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr this week. My own personal history, much of which is not public knowledge, ( and you thought I told everything??? Oh My Goodness! ) greatly impacts my ability to be able to engage in this particular maelstrom. I will refer to the first paragraph here, and remind you that each person, each situation, each event has a maze of cause and effect. We will never know all, or be able to view an event after the fact objectively. 

Remember The Four Agreements!

I try really hard to be as non-political as I can when I am on social media, but sometimes it is really difficult. Part of the reason I am reluctant to engage in online political discourse is that I am very much a situational voter, and have beliefs that run the gamut of accepted ideologies. There are causes that I believe in, don't think there are not. I just choose to not argue about things in a forum where it takes at times only one or two comments for things to really get ugly, and minds are seldom changed. 

The cat we call Four has three kittens, and is sheltering them in a place that I can see from the window in the laundry area at the back of the house. I really enjoyed doing the laundry today! 

An eight word poem:









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