Thursday, May 12, 2016

Washing Clean - A Poem of Womanhood

Hands red and wrinkled scrubbing hard
The stains of life stubbornly cling
Dreams lie scattered, lost and charred
Dashed hopes carry vitriols sting

Tears flow freely such loving eyes
Hitching sobs burst from trembling lips
Supplicant pleas heavenward rise
Hope for the future held in grips

Drink deep full that elixir cup
Dance with abandon in moonlight
Hold fast that goal never give up
Always keep your children in sight

Truths of now in your blood does flow
Secrets fertile in barren womb
Poured to your spirit long ago
No longer housed in marble tomb

Strong sure steps imprints in the sand
And birth pangs from deep inside groan
So continue unbroken strand 
Three are one Maiden Mother Crone 

~ Ellen Apple 5/12/2016 

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