Monday, March 7, 2016

In The Gloaming 7 March 2016

We watched the debate last night...Roger had a flashback to watching Captain Kangaroo because of Hilary's jacket. I mean, did you see those pockets? Then she mentioned carrots and he just about lost it. Bunny!

Really sad about Nancy Reagan. She was a classy lady.

SO happy for warmer temperatures.

When life throws you curveballs, adjust your swing.

*** Bill S-2609 *** Call your US Senator and tell them your state needs to be able to help you know what is in your food.
Stopping the Dark Act in the US Senate
Unfortunately, the preemption bill known infamously as the Dark Act Denying Americans the Right to know Act) passed out of the US Senate Agricultural committee on 3-1-2016.The bill is too new to have a number so I will refer to it as The Dark Act. The bill would violate the tenth amendment rights of the states to label GMO “genetically modified organisms” foods by prohibiting state labelling laws as to GMO foods. People would lose the right to avoid GMO foods by means of labelling laws.

The Dark Act is dangerous. To put it plain and simple, GMOs are slow poisons masquerading as poisons.

The vast majority of GMOs are engineered to resist, and therefore be sprayed with, herbicides such as Glyphosate The health of American consumers has disintegrated badly from the Glyphosate residue in the food supply caused by the GMO crops.

See the research by Dr. Stephanie Seneff ‘Glyphosate Pathway to Modern Diseases’ in Entropy Journal April 2013. Also the research of Dr. Nancy Swanson concerning the strong correlation between the rise of certain diseases and the rise in acreage year by year of GMO crops in the United States, Journal of Organic Systems 2014. Also see article ‘Grow in Doubt’ by Dr. Jonathan Latham.

I am urging you to use all of your parliamentary skills to keep the dark act from reaching the president’s desk. And of course to vote against it. The health of this and future generations depends upon stopping The Dark Act and reversing the insidious effect of GMOs in the food supply.

But how do I contact my Senator? Go to this website and search for your state. Telephone numbers and email addresses in addition to office addresses and websites are available. 

Here are some pictures of page-holders. Roger makes them, and there are some for sale ... 

*gloaming - twilight or dusk

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