Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Miscellany of Musings 24 March 2016

A Miscellany of Musings - Presented to you in celebration of the Full Moon and this beautiful Spring we have been gifted in the Appalachians.

Across the verdant meadow lies
The gateway to a sacred place
Betwixt the water and ice blue skies
Enfolded in a magical embrace
At journey's end there waits a prize
A solemn blessing - boundless grace
Out of time and worry a day
To visit with the elusive fey

Ellen Apple 05/16/2015

Attempted to find credit for photograph, it is apparently a Gypsy Caravan in Gloucestershire, England 
Take my wagon to the woods

That is what I should do

Dig some 'seng

Find some ramps

 Search out those dry-land fish

Take my wagon to the meadow

That is what I should do

Gather dandelions and clover

Cut some lavender

Brew me some thistle tea

Take my wagon to the fair

That is what I should do

Read some cards

Dance and twirl

Sing the Moon to sleep

- Roberta Ellen Smith Apple, 02/27/2014

Hobbit House in New Zealand, I tried to find a photo credit but could not
Hidden under the fairy mound

Beside the willow tree

Behind a haint blue door

Sipping a sassafras tea

Who could hope to conjure more?

This is where I shall be found!

~ Ellen Apple 03/24/2014

By Ellen Apple 
Quietude in full moonlight 

Making magic in the night

Bright she guides me on my way

Inspires me with what to say

Drawing down her mystic power

Emboldened at the witching hour

Ellen Apple 03/24/2016

By Ellen Apple
My Inner Landscape

I close my eyes and I can see

A path from river stone laid

Past fragrant lily of the valley

'Neath a weeping willow for shade

Clover, violet and moss so lush

Varying shades of green
A blossom laden spirea bush

Morning dew adds sparkle and sheen

The sounds of serenity filter in

Birdsong and a dragonfly's whir

Leaves flutter on tip of limb
As a breeze begins to stir

A seat from a tree stump hewn

From which to sit and ponder

While glimpsing in cloud an ancient rune

A delicious way time to squander

Come join me in my inner landscape

A place I have carefully constructed

Where from life's trials we can escape

And dreams are not obstructed

~ Ellen Apple May 3, 2015

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