Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Fragments

A miscellany of items from my Facebook, both personal and my husbands as well, this week.

I have been blessed in my life, in so many ways. I have seen manatees in the St. Lucie River in Florida, swans in Sodus Bay in New York. I have fed days old orphaned lambs in Virginia, and watched pygmy goats being born in North Carolina. I have watched fireflies dance in late May and seen black waves of starlings drift in graceful ballet through late afternoon skies in August. I have held wee babes, and the translucent hands of the elderly. I have cried until I slept, and laughed until I cried. I have been blessed in my life, in so many ways.

Three years ago I wrote this, upon news of the shooting in Aurora CO. There have been multiple shootings in the past three years, and these words still resonate. Today they are in honor of four Marines and a Sailor, as well as nine who gathered to worship in peace and love. This is being such a tumultuous Summer already.
Events occur that shatter the false sense of invincibility we wear a great deal of the time. Life is fragile, like a bubble shimmering in the air, caressed by rainbows. We truly are ephemeral and fleeting in our presence in this life. Let yourself love, give in to your tears when they pool in your soul, dance your joy, and taste all that life offers. Brightest Blessings to each and every person who reads this.

A memory that goes back a half a century or more ...

My mother's parents lived on a farm just outside Bluefield VA, in a small community known as Bluestone. MawMaw used feed sacks as yard goods on a regular basis - ( I believe each feed sack was a yard of either 36 or 45 inch material ) One manner in which this was used was to hem all four sides and make a cloth to cover the center of the dining table. Always in the center of the table was a small crock with spoons in it, covered dishes of honey, molasses, ground cherry preserves, apple butter or some other "sweet" to slather on biscuits and/or cornbread, salt and pepper, and if you were lucky a small saucer with ham, sausage, bacon or such on it left over from breakfast. Once the table was cleared and the dishes washed, the items were all gathered to the center of the table and the cloth was gently draped over them, to keep the dust and occasional fly out of everything. Lovely memory.

Just read a post by Jason​ about misadventures in online ordering from Pizza Hut and it reminded me of an incident that had to have happened over five years ago, when I was a customer service rep at an AT&T call center. 
To appreciate the humor here, you have to be from the extremely rural and mountainous section of Virginia I call home. 
Several other reps and I decided we wanted to go to the Lebanon Pizza Hut for lunch. After deciding what we wanted to eat, one of the other ladies searched for Pizza on her iPhone and called in an order, about 30 minutes before we were due to go to lunch. When we got to the Pizza Hut we told the waitress we were waiting for our food to be prepared and she brought salad plates for those of us wanting to eat from the salad bar, as well as our drinks, 
After waiting for about 15 minutes and no food showing up, the co-worker who had called went to check on the status of the food.
They had no record she had called in an order.
There is a local pizza chain named Pizza Plus and she had called their number in error, and it was for the location in Haysi, If you Google a drive from Haysi to Lebanon, you will see that it is a 43 mile drive that is estimated to take an hour.

Needless to say, we did not get our pizzas and I imagine Pizza Plus in Haysi had several extra on hand that day.

This is a bit of Junk Mail art by Roger. Oscar was his nephew, whose 39th Birthday would have been July 23. Oscar passed away from cancer just before Roger and I met. Mr. Gregory was actually a toy of McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog, a stuffed toy. Mr. Gregory was named after a neighbor of the Apple's in Hampton who Oscar was able to connect with at an early age. The cupcake would have been butter pound cake with chocolate frosting. 

Have a great weekend!

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