Saturday, July 11, 2015

Flying Off With Angel Wings

Hearts in shock and sorrow meet
Spanning shore to shore
Flying off with angel wings
She'll suffer no more

Love and comfort freely flow
All across the land
Giving space and time to grieve
Touched by unseen hand

For thus has often been said
I believe this, too
What is remembered yet lives
We'll not forget you

Hail and farewell, tender soul
May comfort and peace you find
Ever you shall be with those 
Who think they are left behind

~ Ellen Apple 07-11-2015

I belong to an online Writing Group. We lost a member, and Roger drew this in response to the news. He says so much, just with a no.2 pencil and a Sharpie applied the the back of a piece of junk mail.

Catching a ride on a comet's tail, off to see the universe from which you came - because we are all of stardust made. What an adventure!

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