Sunday, August 17, 2014

Awesome August 2014 Sunday Blessings

I thought I had lost my muse
(Too much time listening to the news)
I kept seeing spiders and webs appear
Grandmother was still very near
An entire universe lives alongside my creek
The fairies they danced, and gave me a peek

This is Hootie. Sitting on the remains of a black walnut tree that now provides a bridge for the cats to cross Little Beaver Creek and catch yummies to eat (because they have pretty much exhausted the natural food supply on our little acre).

We have Althea (Hibiscus) in bloom. The ruffled petals look like party dresses, discarded by fairies after a night of cavorting with Dragonflies and Lightening Bugs. Perchance a ride on the unicorn as well?


Roger planted ornamental gourd seed once , about five years ago. Now we have at least one volunteer vine a year. A lagniappe from the earth. 

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