Monday, August 11, 2014

Awesome August 2014 Number Nine, uh Ten, OK - Eleven

Where, Oh, Where has Ellen been? Where, Oh, Where has she gone?

I did so well, the entire month of July, and the first 8 days of August, what possibly could have derailed my writing? If you know me at all, you have probably guessed. 

Yes, a book. But not just any book. This book, that I have been waiting to read for two years. I was gifted the first book, A Discovery of Witches, about three years ago. I purchased the second book, Shadow of Night, as soon as it was published. I first thought The Book of Life would be available a year ago, following the pattern of the first two, but the publication kept getting delayed. I will not demean the author, Deborah Harkness, for making her fans wait. I cannot, being an aspiring writer myself. I have been held in thrall since the first paragraph of Book One, and am actually now mourning the end of the trilogy that has taken me on such a delightful journey. I shall so miss Diana and Matthew, and want to know what transpires with Rebecca and Philip as they grow up ... I can promise you, I will keep looking for new works by this author, she has me as a true fan. 

So anyway, between a book to read (561 pages) then rereading sections (it is that delicious) and work and sleep and cooking and feeding cats, I let my writing commitment slide. So my Awesome August has included a wonderful book, one which I can keep, and reread at my leisure. I read a great deal, and pass many books on to others who enjoy reading, but there are some (perhaps too many? No, never too many books!) that I keep and read again and again. Not always fiction, not always fantasy. Reference books, cookbooks, biographies, history, poetry - I have a very eclectic (and at times, dare I say? esoteric) taste in reading material. 

So, how about a new sonnet to start off the week?

A Sonnet to Selene

I was followed as I drove home last night
Through Glade Hollow and across Copper Ridge
My companion not scary but so bright
Lighting my way across Nashs Ford Bridge
I had hoped she would visit truth be told
Having heard she was in the neighborhood
But at times she is shy - not always bold 
I whispered a greeting - I felt I should
There were silvery moths flying about
An aerial dance to Goddess so fair
Spirit responded in sigh not a shout
Sacred time and space were united there 
Bathed in her beauty and watching her shine
Sacred communion with nature was mine

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